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  • Michael Travis

What did you learn today?

By M. A. Travis

Ethan came from school and hugged Papa.

“What did you learn in school today?” Asked Papa.

“Nothing.” Said Ethan.

“Nothing?” Papa was surprised. 

“Nothing from Teacher?” 

Ethan shook his head.

“Nothing from your friends?” 

Ethan shook his head again.

“Nothing from anybody?” 

“Mmm…Muffin!” Ethan suddenly replied.

“Muffin?!” Papa asked, surprised. “What did you learn from a Muffin?”

“Nuffin!” Ethen replied as he laughed.

“Muffin said nuffin?” Papa asked laughing

“Muffin said nuffin and he ran from the man, ran from the teacher and ran from me and disappeared.” Ethan said.

“Oh no the Muffin said nuffin and ran away?!” Papa asked.

Ethan nodded.

“Then what happened to the Muffin?”

“He came again and then disappeared again.” Ethan said. 

Papa was puzzled then suddenly Ethan’s stomach growled “Brrrgggrrrr.”

“Waaaait a second!” Papa said and poked Ethan’s tummy. 

“Muffin are you in there?” He asked.

Ethan laughed and said “He came back again and disappeared. Then he came back again and I ate him!” 

“So, how many muffins did you make disappear?” Papa asked.

Ethan tried to count on his fingers “ 1, 2, 3, 4 … I do not know.” 

Then his stomach growled again.

“I guess you learned to not eat too many muffins.” Papa said and they both laughed.

The End

© M.A.Travis


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