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  • Michael Travis

Horse, Chicken, Pig and Sheep: The Wolf

By M. A. Travis

Oh Look! There is a beautiful field with grass and yellow flowers. 

The Horse was walking down the field. He had a beautiful silky white coat.

The Horse noticed that his friends, Chicken, Pig and Sheep were nowhere to be found!

The Horse got worried and went looking for his friends.

He was walking and walking and calling for his friends. “Sheep, where are you?” , “Pig where are you?” , “Chicken come on out.”

Then, as he was walking he saw rustling in the trees and heard. “Pwwakak! Pwaaakak!” coming out of the trees! It was Chicken somewhere there!

The Horse went towards the Pwaakaking sound and saw the Chicken. She was stuck on top of a tree.

“Chicken?! How did you get up on the tree?” The Horse asked.

“Pwaaakak! Pawaakak!” I saw a big black scary wolf and I ran and I ran and I ran up the tree. Now I am stuck too high and I cannot get down! “Pwaaakaak!”

The horse looked up and scratched his head with the hoof.

“Ok Chicken, wait right there. I will shake the tree and you can glide onto my back.” Said The Horse.

The Horse brushed and bumped against the tree with all his might shaking the tree.

“Bwaaakaak!” The Chicken was shaken off the tree and with wings flapping landing safely on the horse's back.

“Thank you Horse!” The Chicken said.

“But where are Pig and Sheep?” Chicken asked.

“They are missing. Lets go look for them!” The Horse replied.

The Horse and the Chicken went to look for their friends. The Chicken was listening and The Horse was looking.

Then all the sudden the Chicken heard splashing noises and “Ooooink! Ooooink!” in the distance.

“I hear something that way!” The Chicken pointed its wing and the Horse went towards the noise.

“Oink Oink” Oh No! The Pig is stuck in the mud!

“Pig?! How did you get stuck in the mud?” The Horse and the Chicken asked the Pig.

“Oink, I got so scared! I saw a big scary wolf with sharp teeth, so I ran and I ran and then I saw this big pool of mud so I decided to play in it and then I got stuck!” The Pig answered.

Chicken covered her beak with wings “Oh no we need to help pull the Pig out. Horse, lets grab that branch and try to pull Pig out!” 

They threw one end of the branch to the Pig and grabbed the other. Then they pulled and they pulled. 

“Ooooink!” Pop the pig popped right out of the mud!

“Oink Oink” The Pig thanked his friends and then asked “But where is the Sheep?”

“Lets go find the Sheep!” They cheered and went to look for the Sheep.

They went on searching for the Sheep. “Oh! Oink Oink! I think I can smell the sheep!” The pig had a very good sense of smell.

The Pig led them to a dark cave. “Baaaaa! Baaaa!” crying came from the cave.

“Oh no! Sheep are you in there?” The Horse called out.

“Baaaa! Yes it’s me Sheep! Help me!” They looked into the cave and oh no! It looked like there was a cave collapse.

The animals worked hard to remove rocks from the cave to free the Sheep.

“Baaaa!” The Sheep was freed from the dusty cave and thanked her friends.

“How did you get in the cave?” Pig asked the Sheep.

“There was a big scary wolf, I was so scared so I ran and hid in the cave.” Sheep replied.

The animals decided to stay together and return to the farm where its safe. As they were walking back the Sheep, the Chicken and the Pig all screamed out “Oh No! It’s the Wolf!” and cowered around the Horse. The Horse had great eyesight and squinted at the black shape up on the hill.

“Wait! That's not the Wolf!” The Horse proclaimed. “Thats just a tree log!” They all walked up closer together and saw that the Horse was right it was just a tree log shaped like a wolf. 

The animals were relieved and then felt silly for running away and then they agreed to play together and not go too far from the farm.

The End

© M.A.Travis


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