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  • Michael Travis

Farm Animals going to the market

By M. A. Travis

The animals were sleeping in the barn.

All of a sudden scary noises and commotion started happening outside.

Bang, Clank, Boom!

“Pwaak!” Chicken woke up startled.

“Oink?” Pig opened one eye.

Chicken flew up to the window and looked outside.

“Is it the wolf?” Sheep asked, looking up worried from the straw bed.

“Is it a tornado?” Horse asked.

“It’s just the Farmer!” Chicken replied. 

“He is putting food crates on the truck.” She continued. 

“He is stealing our food?” Pig got up worried and they all rushed outside to stop the Farmer.

“Farmer! Farmer! Don’t take all the food, we will be hungry!” The animals cried out as they ran to the farmer who was loading the truck. 

Farmer saw the animals running at him all together and fell onto his butt from being startled.

“Haha! Don’t worry, we have plenty of food left. I am taking the extra vegetables to the farmers market.” He laughed.

“Farmers market?” Animals asked, they never been to a farmers market.

“Yes, we grew way more vegetables than we need to eat this year. The extra vegetables will go to waste so we can sell extra at the farmers market instead.” Farmer said.

“We have never seen a farmers market. Can we come with you?” The animals asked all together.

“Ok, ok. You may come, but you have to stay close to me because there will be lots of people and it can be dangerous for small animals like you.” The Farmer said.

“Ok, we promise!” The animals cheered and everyone got inside the truck.

The road was bumpy and the truck was cranky.

They saw big open fields and looked for animal shaped clouds on the way.

“Look! That one looks like a wolf!” Sheep pointed and the animals laughed.

They arrived at the market and it was busy with people, cars, trucks and other animals.

The animals got down from the truck and were helping Farmer unload the truck. 

Horse was so overwhelmed by curiosity looking around and around that he got dizzy and accidentally stepped off the curb onto the road.

“Horse!” The Farmer shouted and ran up waving to stop a car that almost hit the Horse. 

“Horse! I told you to stay close, you almost got hit by a car!” The Farmer told The Horse.

“I’m so sorry, I will not do that again.” The Horse was startled, and went back to the truck with its head down. 

A bit later, Sheep got curious and decided to sneak out to see what other people were selling.

“There are so many different and interesting things.” Sheep wandered and walked about the market.

“Oh no!” The Sheep looked around and could not remember where Farmer and animals were. She got lost! The Sheep got very scared and started crying.

“Baaaaaaaa! Baaaaaa!” The Sheep cried and cried until a crowd formed.

“Little sheep what happened? Where are your parents?” People and other animals asked.

“I came with Farmer and my friends, and now I am lost.” Sheep sobbed.

“I think I can help.” An old dog came close and smelled the air around Sheep.

“I caught the scent, follow me!” The dog sniffed the ground and Sheep followed through the crowds of people until they reached the familiar stand.

“Farmer! Farmer!” Sheep ran and hugged her friends.

“Sheep! What happened? We were looking all over for you!” Farmer and the animals said.

“I got lost! I am so sorry, I will never leave your side.” Sheep said.

“He helped me find you with his nose!” Sheep pointed at the dog who smiled.

“Thank you for helping Sheep.” Farmer said and handed the dog a bag full of vegetables.

Meanwhile Chicken decided to take a break and was looking at the stand next to theirs.

It was an artist's stand and had various paintings of birds and other chickens. 

Chicken sat on a table next to the stand looking at one picture and was so mesmerized that she fell asleep. Few minutes later a grandma with thick glasses was looking at merchandize and thought that sleeping Chicken was a display piece for sale and grabbed Chicken for a closer look.

“BWAAAAAKAAAK!” Chicken screamed out, flapping her wings stratling grandma and crashing several paintings to the ground. 

“Oh No!” Chicken said after realizing what she had done.

“Chicken?! What happened?” Farmer saw the commotion and the broken pictures.

“I’m soooo sorry! I went where I am not supposed to and fell asleep. I got startled and broke those pictures.” Chicken said.

“It’s ok Chicken but we have to pay for the broken pictures.” The Farmer explained and paid for the broken pictures.

Meanwhile Pig decided to roll around in mud while everyone else were busy. 

“Oink, Oink, Oink.”

Pig was so happy rolling that he rolled too much and knocked down over the farmer stand making vegetables fall in the mud.

“Oh nooo! I am so sorry!” The Pig said with embarrassment. 

“Pig! You have to be careful where you play.” Farmer said and Pig nodded in shame.

The animals learned their lessons and helped Farmer sell the remaining produce.

“Great job!” Proclaimed Farmer after selling the last bag.

“Now we can all go together to see the market and get ice cream!” Farmer said as the animals cheered and they all enjoyed the rest of the day after lessons learned and hard work.

The End

© M.A.Travis


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